How do you pronounce “Jai-Alai” and where does the name come from?
“Hi-Li.” Here’s a brief overview of the origins of the name.

I would like to buy one of your books. Where can I do this?
You can order online here, or visit one of our retailers. (Don't see Jai-Alai Books titles in your local indie store? Demand it!)

I would specifically like to buy Forager. Can I?
Forager is unfortunately sold out. There are no plans currently to re-release it, but if we do, we will announce via our email list first.

I’d like to order multiple copies of your book(s) to sell at my store. Do you offer wholesale discounts?
Yes. Please contact us.

I wrote a book / I have an idea for a book. Will you publish it?
We'd love to hear about it. We have an open submission system. The guidelines are here.

Why do you charge people to submit book proposals?
We want to be sure our submitters are serious and are taking great care when they bring their ideas to us. We are a non-profit dedicated to building literary community. All of our staff readers volunteer their time, so your donation helps make Jai-Alai possible.

I ordered a book from you and it hasn’t arrived yet. What should I do?
Please contact us immediately.

Do you publish e-books?
No, we don't. Part of the joy of making books for us is the physicality. 

Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for?
Yes. Sign up here.

Do you do events?
Yes. Check out our events calendar.

Where can I find out where one of your authors is appearing?

Can I hire your designer?
Contact Topos Graphics for any inquiries.

Are you affiliated with O, Miami?
Yes. We are a subsidiary of O, Miami.

Where can I go to watch actual Jai-Alai being played?
During the day, Casino Miami Jai-Alai. At night, Dania Jai-Alai. You should go. There’s nothing like it.