Submissions are now open

Added on by Scott Cunningham.

So you wrote a book. Or you woke up last night with an idea for a book and wrote the first chapter by the light of your cell phone. Or you've been doing a specific kind of work (probably in Miami) and you think that a book would really crystallize it for your community and for history like no other art form can.

Two weeks ago, if you wanted a Miami-based independent press to publish that book, you would have been up Purdy Avenue during a King Tide without a paddle. 

But now? Jai-Alai Books, your hometown paper slingers, your fellow Haslem-for-mayor voters, is accepting submissions from the general public.

There are a million untold stories in Miami, a million people here doing interesting and important things that should be documented, saved, presented, and hallelujah-ed.

Or rather, Jai-Alai-lujah-ed.

Miami is the most interesting city in America right now. Let's make sure it gets remembered that way.

Check out our guidelines and then submit here