Jai Alai on ESPN's 30 for 30

Added on by Scott Cunningham.

ESPN recently aired a well-made (but, in our opinion, too short) documentary about the demise of the sport of jai alai in America.

Highlights include interviews with legendary players Joey Cornblit and Benny Bueno, although they obviously cut Benny's ideas about how to take jai alai into the 21st Century. He has some great ideas about how to modernize jai alai, and it would have been nice to give some airtime to his vision.

They do a good job of showing how devastating the player's strike was to the sport's popularity, but they completely skipped over the mob ties to the sport, which is weird since it's well-documented at this point and involves ever-popular bad guy Whitey Bulger.

The Great Jai Alai Documentary to Rule Them All is still out there somewhere. Until it arrives, kill 15 minutes with this one.