Submit to Jai-Alai

Jai-Alai Books publishes literary titles in all genres. We make books for Miami, meaning that we're interested in books that arise from Miami-Dade County's unique cultural landscape and/or books that will speak to Miami-Dade County readers.

Jai-Alai is now accepting submissions from the general public, and we'd love to read your proposal.

Here's what you should know in advance:

  • Jai-Alai only publishes around three titles a year
  • We're a small, independent press with independent distribution
  • Jai-Alai is a labor of love - everyone who works here volunteers his or her time
  • We are rarely able to provide advances or royalties
  • We put more time, energy, and care into each book than the vast majority of publishers
  • We ONLY accept online submissions via Submittable (If you've never used it, don't worry, it's easy)
  • We read and respond to submissions on a rolling basis. Since we're new to this, we'd rather not hazard a guess as to how long it will take us to get to yours. Feel free to contact us though if you feel like it's been too long. 
  • We accept proposals in ALL genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, comics, graphic novel, hybrid, etc.

Here's what you will need to submit:

  • A cover letter with a brief biographical statement
  • A 150 word summary of your book (or book idea)
  • A sample chapter or section (optional)
  • A $4.99 reading fee (why do we charge?)